What is a Crypto Market Cap?

crypto market cap

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They offer several advantages over traditional currency, including security, anonymity, and decentralization. But one question that often comes up is “what is a crypto market cap?” Let’s explore it today!

What is the crypto market cap?

Crypto market cap, or capitalization, is an important metric for gauging the success of a cryptocurrency and its popularity in the digital asset world. It refers to the total dollar value of all outstanding coins and tokens on a given blockchain. In other words, it is the current price per coin multiplied by the total supply of that particular digital asset. Market capitalization serves as a measure of validity – if the cap is high then it means investors are confident enough in that currency to invest their hard-earned money into it.

Why a crypto market cap matters?

Crypto market cap is a measure of the total amount of investment that has been made into any given cryptocurrency by investors and traders. The higher the market cap, the more influence a coin has in terms of price movements and decisions made about it by larger entities such as exchanges. Knowing the market cap also helps investors decide which coins to buy, sell or hold; if a coin has a large enough cap, it can be seen as less risky than those with smaller caps.

Factors determined the Market Cap


The crypto market cap is a measure of the financial worth of all cryptocurrencies combined. As such, it can be heavily impacted by changes in the price of a single cryptocurrency. When there is a sharp increase in the price of a particular cryptocurrency, its market cap and subsequently the total crypto market cap will rise. Similarly, if the price drops quickly, the crypto market cap will decrease.


The crypto market cap is influenced by many different elements, including supply. Generally, when the amount of a particular cryptocurrency increases within the market, its associated market cap does as well. When a large quantity of coins or tokens enters circulation at once (known as an “airdrop”), it can cause significant swings in the total market cap for that particular asset. Supply also comes into play during Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).


Cryptocurrency liquidity is a major factor when it comes to understanding the crypto market cap. Liquidity describes how quickly and easily assets can be converted into cash, and this has a direct correlation with their value. 

Liquid market in crypto

For example, if there are few buyers of a particular cryptocurrency, then it generally has low liquidity which means there is less demand for that asset. Similarly, if there are plentiful buyers (and volume) then it can indicate higher liquidity which may drive the crypto’s value up. thus making the impact on its market cap very important in gauging potential gains or losses.

Crypto Classification of market cap

Cryptocurrencies typically have their classification of market capitalization. Market cap is classified as: 





Although market capitalization is viewed as one simple metric to quickly gauge a digital asset’s current standing, it cannot always offer a full picture of the underlying project’s success. Therefore, it should be used more as an analysis tool rather than a determining factor for any given purchase.

Market Cap as an Investment tool

Market cap is one of the most important tools used by investors when evaluating potential investments. By calculating the total value of a company’s outstanding shares, investors can get an indication of the value of their investment and its potential returns. The market cap adds a more holistic perspective to individual stock analysis as it takes both historical and current data into account to determine where an investor should place their funds.

How does market cap affect crypto?

When a crypto asset’s market cap appreciates, it implies that the demand for it has increased and investors’ confidence in the asset has grown – meaning more people are most likely buying, leading to a boost in its price.

Conversely, when the market cap decreases, it indicates interest on part of crypto trading and could signify that its price may decrease. Moreover, high market caps suggest larger network effects which can be key drivers of adoption and thus attract more users as well as help build trust and confidence in an asset’s legitimacy. On the other hand, low or declining market caps can cast doubts on an asset’s prospects and ability to draw in new earners. 


Is market cap the best way to measure the popularity of crypto?

Market capitalization (market cap) has been widely accepted as one of the best ways to measure the popularity and value of cryptocurrencies, but some other factors can be taken into account, making it perhaps not the most perfect way to determine a cryptocurrency’s worth.

Crypto popularity

While market cap is useful for summarizing total valuation quickly and effectively, it does not consider different aspects of cryptocurrency such as liquidity, transaction volume, security, or potential.

How high can the crypto market cap go?

Analysts are forecasting that crypto can go much higher as more mainstream institutions and traditional financial players get involved. With this influx of mainstream interest and institutional involvement, some argue that crypto could continue its rapidly accelerating growth trajectory upwards into the trillions.

What crypto has the biggest market cap?

Bitcoin is indisputably the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. As of March 13, 2021, Bitcoin’s market cap was over $1.07 trillion and its circulating supply reached a total of 18,651,649 coins. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency and was introduced in 2009. Since then, it has grown exponentially and has achieved tremendous success as a store of value and medium of exchange worldwide, and that’s why people put their trust in it when they buy Bitcoin.


Market cap is an important tool for crypto investors because it reflects the value of a token. A higher market cap indicates that a token is worth more and is therefore more valuable to investors. If you want to trade in a particular cryptocurrency, make sure you do your research on its market cap first so you know what you’re getting into.

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